bkper Search, find transactions easier and faster

When we started bkper, we knew that the search functionality would  be very important to realize collaborative finances. Since then the way people use bkper has changed, now entire businesses track finances on books, with many team members recording entries in different ways and purposes. Not only transaction content has changed but also the total number of records per book increased considerably. This new way of working demands much more from search functionalities to easily track financial activities and make useful reports fast.

We constantly work to bring you such innovations. So from today on, you can use new and improved search features to find anything on your books easier and faster.

Daily questions are easy to answer.
Where did we spend more than 500?

Who spend more than 250 on Transport or Lodging?

Did we book something wrong?

Making reports is easy
Periodic reports that use variables ($d, $m and $y) do not need any periodic adjustments.

For example query for group:Expenses group:Income after:$m-2 on the Google Sheet Add-on for bkper, to make a profit report that stays connected to your book so it is updated automatically.

You can learn about all new feature details on our bkper search.

bkper Activities show what has changed on your books

bkper makes collaborative finance a reality, by sharing books with teams that record financial operations in one central place. But with team members posting and others working on books it can become hard to keep track of changes and of course this is a must, specially when we are talking finance!

Activities shows exactly that, who has done what on your bkper book, so from today on, you'll have one single place where you can review every action taken on your books.