Bookkeeping and Accounting on Google Cloud

The accounting and bookkeeping market is highly commoditized by online services offering basic compliance and online solutions that in its essence hardly changed from older desktop versions. Professionals feel this pressure and struggle to meet client expectations but face poor options when it comes to true innovation, ending up trapped with a mixture of legacy systems and batch processes between required systems to meet compliance. A reality that reflects on their client's experience.

Bkper provides professionals with a platform to streamline their data flow, connecting both client systems and their own compliance systems in real time, simplifying day to day operations, increasing productivity and giving them that differentiated position of trusted advisor to their clients.

For those professionals we announce the bkper Professional subscription for Accountants and Bookkeepers, a platform to attend their clients that run on G Suite, empowering them with Artificial Intelligence and Collaboration to attend more clients in a better way.

bkper Professional with 50000 transactions per Month at a $180 Monthly Flat rate.

A double entry bookkeeping platform 

Bkper is build on top of the fundamental principle of double entry bookkeeping meaning that in any financial event, an amount is credited from one account and debited to another, recorded as a transaction, updating the balance values of both accounts on a book.

Bkper registers events through a single line of text. Without any format requirements events are written consistently to a data stream. Each stream representing a book. Bkper Bookbots (AI) do the hard work of recording the correct double entry transactions and updating the book's balance values in real time.

This Allows to record financial events in a extremely simple way from any origin and to have a consistent stream of transactions in an universal pattern, able to deliver meaningful data to other systems as needed.

Bookkeeping & Accounting the way it should be!


Share bkper books with your clients and they can immediately collaborate on their books. The simple scheme of transactions and accounts are easy to understand, giving them a clear insight on their real time balance sheet and income statement, contributing to the understanding of how their business is doing, an asset in the relation between professionals and clients.

Detailed Activities on each book reflect the work done by the professional which gives a sensation of trust as there is no doubt about what is being done on a client's book.  


The single line of text entry on our web app is the most visual representation of taking data integration to the next level with automation depending on the data being handled. 
Taking data from a source to bkper and vice versa is not enough, you automate tasks depending on what is happening on client books. Apply different taxes in function of sold services/goods, payments calculated depending on certain variables, use exchange rates that constantly change. 
To do this you can use solutions like Zapier or you can easily set up your own logic with the bkper API or with our Google Apps Script Library


With bots working alongside, you get an effective way of AI helping you on repetitive low value task that are essential to keep books organized. Data input, categorization, checks, conciliation etc. are often error prone manually executed tasks. Bots perform these close to perfection both in speed and accuracy. Increasing the number of correctly posted transactions, with the same resources and the closing period to report disappears as balance values are adjusted in real time.

White labeled 

Bkper Professional is white labeled, fostering greater awareness of the work realized by professionals, emphasising the importance of their role in this relation. 
Courtesy of Contabnet

Fair Pricing Model

Attend more clients and better, a promise that is reinforced by our flat pricing rate and no hidden extra costs, the more clients you attend the better as you dilute the cost of your bkper Professional subscription. 

bkper Search, find transactions easier and faster

When we started bkper, we knew that the search functionality would  be very important to realize collaborative finances. Since then the way people use bkper has changed, now entire businesses track finances on books, with many team members recording entries in different ways and purposes. Not only transaction content has changed but also the total number of records per book increased considerably. This new way of working demands much more from search functionalities to easily track financial activities and make useful reports fast.

We constantly work to bring you such innovations. So from today on, you can use new and improved search features to find anything on your books easier and faster.

bkper Activities show what has changed on your books

bkper makes collaborative finance a reality, by sharing books with teams that record financial operations in one central place. But with team members posting and others working on books it can become hard to keep track of changes and of course this is a must, specially when we are talking finance!

Activities shows exactly that, who has done what on your bkper book, so from today on, you'll have one single place where you can review every action taken on your books.