Reports with Google Docs

Use Google Docs and the bkper add-on to create customized reports and send them automatically to your contacts of choice. Create as many reports as you want and send them to as many people as you Need.

Add-ons are a resource that Google introduced in March 2014 with the intention to let third party developers interact with Google Apps Resources through a side bar on Google Docs. Bkper joined the early release program for add-ons development and we presented our solution together with the public add-ons introduction.

You get the Bkper add-on right from within the Google Docs add-on menu. (read how to enable add-ons). Once the add-on is enabled your have access from all your documents to all your bkper books.

Open the bkper add-on to prepare your customized Reports. In the sidebar select the book that you want to pick information from, delimit the data by querying on hashtags, dates, accounts or groups and bring it to life in charts or data tables on preview in the add-on. Ones you are satisfied with the result, you can insert it into your Document.  With access to all your books you are free to combine all different kinds of resources so you can imagine the rest.

Update your report with a click in the bkper add-on. The charts and data tables are refreshed with the latest data from bkper in accordance to the queries used when you prepared the report.

Autosend the report from the bkper add-on to contacts who you need to keep informed on a regular bases. Choose the frequency (weekly or monthly) add e-mails of those to be reported,  add a subject and a message and you are ready. Enable autosend and from now on the report, attached as a pdf file, will be send from your e-mail account, repeated on that particular day with the chosen frequency. Of course you can disable autosend at any time to stop reporting.

The bkper add-on for Google Docs empowers you to prepare nice looking reports, maintain the information up to date in real time and inform the right people on the right time with very little effort.