Bkper Integrates with Brazilian Fintech through Pluga.co

Pluga.co differentiates itself by its Brazilian fintech automations with solutions like Pagseguro, Boleto Simples, NFE.io and many more. Of course with our Brazilian roots, we hooked up with the Pluga team to include bkper into their automations, enabling users to store financial data consistently on bkper.

Localized fintech solutions are used to meet regional rules and standards with particularities that make them difficult to include into mainstream financial administrations. With more than one of these solutions and maybe with some international demand, creating monthly financial statements and a consolidated balance sheet can be very difficult and costly.

Integrate bkper with hundreds of Apps through Zapier

The bkper-Zapier integrations are an easy and flexible way to automate financial workflows, avoiding errors and saving time on otherwise repetitive little value adding manual tasks. Helping financial teams to solve their problems, not only taking away traditional pain points but actually boosting financial productivity, with real-time balance sheets and financial statements.

Finances are challenged these days with a fast growing number of ever better, cheaper and specialized fintech solutions that live together in a digitized world and that are just as easy replaced by newer tools. In this fast paced scenario the question, how to gather and organize finances can be a mind boggling matter for CFOs. Actually studies show that financial teams spent about half of their time just on transaction processing often by repetitive and error prone manual tasks.

Auto Record from Google Sheets

We Added Auto Record to the Bkper Add-on for Google Sheets, making it possible to automatically record transactions from your sheets in your Bkper finances.

With Auto Record every time a new row is added to a sheet a transaction is recorded in Bkper.

Many businesses use spreadsheets in their financial process to register sales, invoices, payments, expenses etc.  Often building some workflow step of approval into these sheets and like this prepare relevant financial data for analysis or for further processing in another system. Besides not being very collaborative, this can become a tricky thing to maintain with formula's recalculating values on thousands of rows throughout your administration.

Auto Record makes it easy to collect data from many sheets serving...

Reports with Google Docs

Use Google Docs and the bkper add-on to create customized reports and send them automatically to your contacts of choice. Create as many reports as you want and send them to as many people as you Need.

Add-ons are a resource that Google introduced in March 2014 with the intention to let third party developers interact with Google Apps Resources through a side bar on Google Docs. Bkper joined the early release program for add-ons development and we presented our solution together with the public add-ons introduction.