The importance of MVP

As we've told in a previous post, user feedback is one of the most important aspect of successful SaaS startups. Since it's so important, we should start getting users feedbacks as soon as possible, right?
That's when the MVP - Minimum Viable Product - concept gets in place.

MVP does NOT mean to quickly put a low quality product for users to test it. Your MVP should be strong enough to offer value with high quality, but simple enough to release fast and start iterating over it, based on feedbacks.

Take a look at the first released version of bkper:

Household Finances

Household Finance is a nasty thing we all have to deal with. It is often a time consuming activity and even when we try to get everything right there always seems to be some note or bill missing.

To make things easier for you, bkper prepared a book that will help you save time and get your financial life organized.

Household Finances Book 

Open the book above and see how Pat and Robert control their finances as they go.

Continue with your life...