Feedback is King

You're probably familiar with the expression Cash is King, which refers to the importance of cash flow in the overall fiscal health of a business. Well, that's true, but, for SaaS companies like ours, feedback is as important (or more) as cash. If we don't have enough feedback, we cannot move on. Feedback drives the product market fit, user engagement (which is our gold), that drives us to investments and, ultimately, revenue.

At bkper, we value every piece of feedback you give us. Every email, contact through our help, comment on social networks or blog, hangout, direct talk and any other kind of interaction is listened and recorded carefully.

We've also configured a contextual survey, by Google Consumer Survey, on the web app, to measure the website satisfaction. So, as soon as you see a small popup like this appearing on bottom right corner, don't be shy to answer! That really help us!

We even built this 2 minutes feedback form we send after every talk, so you can give us clues about where to go.

Finally, we've setup some tools, like heatmaps by, that gives us a good vision of how users are interacting with the web interface.